Developing Hyperspace locally

Run Hyperspace locally to build and test changes live.

Applies to: Hyperspace Desktop

Hyperspace is a React-based product built with Create React App and allows for hot-reloading. Developing new features on Hyperspace is relatively easy to perform.


Setting up the environment

First, you’ll need to download the Hyperspace source code, either by downloading the source code package from our site or cloning the Git repository:

git clone

Once the repository has been cloned, you’ll want to install any Node dependencies and make sure Hyperspace will compile properly:

npm install
npm start # or npm test

Starting a local server

Before running the local server, you’ll need to change the location property in the Hyperspace configuration file to point to your local server. In config.json, change the location field as seen below:

    "location": "https://localhost:3000",

Once this setting is changed, you can proceed to running the local server as follows:

npm start

This will start the server and let you make changes and see them live.