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Build web files from source

Product: Hyperspace Desktop

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Product: Hyperspace Desktop

Build web files from source

Build Hyperspace Desktop from the source code.

Applies to: Hyperspace Desktop

Hyperspace can be deployed to any server that can host static web files in multiple ways; we currently offer pre-built static files, but you may wish to build the app from source if you want to develop Hyperspace for your needs.

Hosting the pre-built static files (easy)

To use the pre-built files, download them from our site and then place the contents of the ZIP file to the location where Hyperspace will be accessed from. It’s that simple!

Building from source


  • Git
  • Node.js 8 or higher

First, you’ll need to download the Hyperspace source code, either by downloading the source code package from our site or cloning the Git repository:

git clone

Once the repository has been cloned, you’ll want to install any Node dependencies and make sure Hyperspace will compile properly:

npm install
npm start # or npm test

When you have confirmed that Hyperspace is building properly, you can build a copy in the build folder:

npm run build

The built static files will be available in the build directory. To serve your content, we recommend using the serve package:

npm install -g serve
serve -s build