Meet Hyperspace

Hyperspace is the fluffy client for Mastodon written in React and TypeScript. Browse and interact in Mastodon with a fun, easy, and clean interface for the web and desktop.

A beautiful, simple layout

Hyperspace provides a simple layout that puts your timelines, composer, and notifications front and center. You don't need to worry about scrolling through columns or missing out on anything. And, with the new dark mode, you can rest your eyes while enjoying the content you love on Mastodon.

Always stay in the know

Don't feel lost in conversations! Hyperspace gives you quicker access to a conversation and the whole thread with a click of a button. And, when something new happens with your posts or you gain a new follower, you'll be notified immediately.

Works anywhere

Besides being a great app for the desktop, Hyperspace can be deployed to any web server, providing a beautiful, simple interface to any Mastodon instance available. It even has mobile support on the web, allowing anyone to add Hyperspace as a web app to their phone or tablet.

Free and Open-Source

Hyperspace is free (libre) and open-source software. Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, anyone has the ability to edit, contribute, deploy, and redistribute Hyperspace to their liking. Hyperspace is written in TypeScript and takes advantage of multiple open-source libraries and projects such as React, Megalodon, and Fabric UI, so web and Node.js developers will feel really familiar.