On the Hyperspace team's stance on Gab.com

Written October 26, 2019

The Hyperspace team acknowledges and fully agrees with Mastodon’s stance on Gab. We officially do not support the use of the Hyperspace client to promote, create, or monetize racist content. We also do not support creating a fork of Hyperspace that removes these guidelines.

While we value the free access to information and the right to freely speak without government censorship, We believe that the fediverse should not be subject to this kind of content that is disguised or labeled as “free speech” and believe that human dignity and respect should be prioritized over this. Furthermore, we do not want Hyperspace to be used as a platform for disrespecting an individual or group or damaging the health of the fediverse in this manner.

We’ve implemented changes into Hyperspace for this since version 1.0.0beta7 and the stable versions of Hyperspace starting from version 1.0.0. Furthermore, we have re-licensed our software to be under the Non-violent Public License.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our stance, email us at hyperspacedev@marquiskurt.net or reach out to the team on Mastodon.