Introducing Foxy

Written April 25, 2022

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the long silence since our last post. We have had a lot cooking in the last few weeks that we are excited to share with you. As some of you have noticed, last Friday we released 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT version of our Kotlin API wrapper for Mastodon named Foxy.

We decided to create Foxy for 2 reasons:

  1. We noticed there wasn’t an already existing Kotlin wrapper for Mastodon.
  2. We plan to use Foxy as our backend for another project we are working on codenamed Luna.

To get started with Foxy and to learn how it works, we highly recommend you checkout our GitHub page.

Looking into the future

As I’ve said couple of lines ago, we plan to use Foxy for our other project codenamed Luna. Our plan for Luna is for it to replace Hyperspace Desktop and for it to be a renovated and beautiful Mastodon desktop application made with JetBrain’s Compose For Desktop.

We intially wanted to write Foxy and Luna in C# and .NET, however, after conducting a poll, most of our desktop users are on Linux and .NET’s new UI framework, MAUI, does not compile to Linux. Granted, we could have used something like Avalonia but we very much would have preferred a Microsoft-built-solution. Therefore, we settled with Kotlin and Compose For Desktop so that we can offer robust experience across macOS, Windows, and Linux.