Full speed ahead in the starlight

Written July 13, 2020

Hey folks! It’s been about a month since our last update, and we’d love to share what’s been happening in the Hyperspace project headquarters again. We’ve got some exciting suff to share this month that we think you’ll love.

Safe landing in the Mac App Store

App Store Image

Last month, we discussed our latest attempts in getting Hyperspace Desktop back into the Mac App Store after carefully watching the latest updates to Electron. I’m pleased to say that, after some trial and error, we’ve successfully brought Hyperspace Desktop back to the Mac App Store! I’d like to thank the Desktop team and the folks working on Electron that help made this possible. We can’t wait to bring more feature updates and future releases to the Mac App Store as we develop them.

Working in the starlight

WWDC 2020 brought some amazing surprises this year with the announcements to iOS/iPadOS 14 and macOS Big Sur, and we’re excited to start working on our SwiftUI client that flows well with these platforms. WWDC 2020 also brought some improvements and additions to SwiftUI that make developing a fediverse client more accessible than before.

It wouldn’t surprise anybody, then, that the small SwiftUI team to start playing around with (and developing) the SwiftUI version of our fediverse client for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, which we have assigned the codename “Starlight”. Within the first couple of weeks, we’ve managed to build some great interfaces and play around with existing concepts to bring a community-focused, universal fediverse client on all of Apple’s platforms.

Starlight teaser image

We’ve been working on our first major milestone which brings most of the networking aspects of the client together, as well as some basic interface mechanics, to build a solid foundation for Starlight. We hope to add more functionality and release beta versions of Starlight in the future.

Starlight layout on macOS Big Sur

I’m personally excited to see how this plays out sa the client gains more functionality in the coming weeks.

I know this isn’t as big as last month’s update, but I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to show off Starlight’s progress and talk about Hyperspace Desktop’s return to the Mac App Store. Stay tuned for future updates!