What's going on with Hyperspace: March 2020 edition

Written March 13, 2020

Hey, everyone! It’s been quite a while since our last post on our development blog about the Hyperspace project, and we’d love to catch up with you. Here’s what’s been happening at our virtual Hyperspace project headquarters.

Hyperspace Desktop v1.1.0 Beta

Hyperspace Desktop Beta v1.1.0

Although we might have not been as vigilant in writing press statements and blog posts, we definitely have been hard at work in developing the next feature update, Hyperspace Desktop v1.1.0. Since our last post, we’ve released three new beta versions of v1.1.0 with tons of goodies, quality-of-life improvements, and bug fixes. Here’s a few notable mentions:

  • Masonry layout and infinite scrolling are finally here! Masonry layout offers a new view that shows more posts at a time, similar to Google+.
  • Hyperspace now properly works on subdirectory installations again!
  • Need to view another post but keep your current draft intact? We’ve implemented browser session drafts that let you load unsaved posts.
  • We made some small improvements to the appearance of posts while also squashing some bugs when you favorite or reblog a post.

There’s a lot more we’ve done in the beta releases, and you can read all of the changes we’ve made in our release notes.

When will v1.1.0 release? (and our response to COVID-19)

We’re currently working in the finishing stages of development for the v1.1.0 release of Hyperspace Desktop, with our next beta release slated to drop on March 29, 2020. Once the fifth beta releases, we plan to start work on the release candidates before releasing to the public in its stable form.

Currently, we don’t have any set dates on a public release of v1.1.0 or its release candidates. The safety and health of the development team is a top priority, and we will be watching the COVID-19 situation closely as it continues to develop. As such, any planned release dates for the next few beta releases and release candidates are tentative and may change accordingly.

Additionally, we aim to start development of the SwiftUI version of Hyperspace on March 29th, depending on how COVID-19 continues to develop.

Other Hyperspace news

In other news about the Hyperspace project, we’re pleased to announce that we’re now a year old as of February 3, 2020:

Since the first release over a year ago, we’ve released a stable 1.0 version to the public and have formed a team and community dedicated to making the fluffiest client for the fediverse, with new feature requests and improvements coming in on a regular basis. I’d like to personally thank everyone involved for helping get Hyperspace to where it is today. 🎉

A brand new Hyperspace identity brand (in-progress)

On a bigger scale, we’ve been working on further defining the Hyperspace project brand with new iconography that represents the new space-themed approach we are taking with Hyperspace in the future. Currently, we’re working on designing icons for the Hyperspace project brand, Hyperspace Desktop, and Hyperspace for macOS/iOS with a digital artist.

Hyperspace Tentative Icon Designs

The above tentative design give a rough look at the final product icons that we, hopefully, will ship with Hyperspace Desktop v1.1.0 and updated brand accounts on Mastodon. We look forward to finalizing the identity of the Hyperspace project as we continue to make the best fediverse client possible.

Thanks for reading this long-overdue post on what’s been happening, and do stay tuned for future updates from the team!