Mac App Store downloads temporarily disabled

Written October 26, 2019

Mac App Store page

Starting with v0.5.0, the Hyperspace team has made Hyperspace available on the Mac App Store to macOS users for free. We recognize that the Mac App Store is a great place for users to download apps quickly and to let the App Store manage updates for them.

As of v1.0.0, we’ve received reports that the current Mac App Store build isn’t working as intended. We’re working to resolve this issue and release it to the Mac App Store. That said, we’ve decided to take down the current version of Hyperspace on the Mac App Store until we resolve this issue.

For current macOS users, they can download the app for macOS on our downloads page without issue.

We apologize for this inconvenience and will let you know when Hyperspace is back up on the Mac App Store.