The new Hyperspace is here!

Written October 11, 2019

I’m so excited to finally release Hyperspace 1.0, the next generation of Hyperspace! This version has been in development for six months and I’m finally glad that we’re going to get this in everyone’s hands after months of development and testing.

For those interested in release notes, here’s the scoop:

  • Complete and responsive redesign using the Material design language that extends to desktops
  • New settings to change the color scheme, default visibility, and more
  • Support using multiple accounts within Hyperspace
  • Ability to manage blocked servers easily
  • Support for searching accounts, hashtags, and related posts
  • Viewing and managing follow requests and recommended follows
  • Brand-new composer with better attachments and poll support
  • Complete customization with a config file for administrators
  • Better notification support with ability to dismiss individual notifications and seeing a badge count (macOS/Linux only)
  • A brand-new menubar for desktop apps with keyboard shortcuts

I’d personally like to thank these amazing people:

  • My fellow co-developers, Nomad1556 and bio-ico, for helping develop Hyperspace 1.0 to the amazing client it is today.
  • All of the amazing people that participated in the beta testing for Hyperspace 1.0. It wouldn’t be the client it is today without you!
  • All of our supporters on Patreon for helping make Hyperspace possible.
  • The amazing developers behind Megalodon (h3poteto), Mastodon (Eugen Rochko), and Material-UI libraries for prodiving the tools necessary to making Hyperspace a reality.
  • And, finally, you, fellow Hyperspace user, for supporting us by using Hyperspace.

I can’t wait to see what the future brings, and I, on the behalf of the team, hope you enjoy Hyperspace 1.0.0